Shoulder Pain


Most of us do not think about our shoulders and the scope of activities that they help us perform, such as tossing a ball or reaching that itchy spot in the middle of our back. Situated between the neck and the upper arm, this ball-and-socket structure, consist of the shoulder blade, clavicle, and the upper part of the arm bone, muscles and inelastic tissues, which stabilizes your arms within the shoulder’s cavities. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, your chiropractor in Greenwich, CT at Indian Harbor Chiropractic can help you find relief.

Man with shoulder pain

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

  • Dislocated shoulder - This is when the upper arm becomes displaced out of the shoulder’s cavity.

  • Shoulder Bursae - Small pockets of fluid are caught between the joints, creating an obstacle for free movement.

  • Frozen Shoulder - Your shoulder joints develop inflexibility, ache and progressively worsen without treatment

  • Rotator Cuff Injury - Tears in or overuse of the muscles and connective tissues that keep the upper arm bone in place, can result in a dull ache and fatigue within the affected arm.

  • Strains & Sprains - These two problems can occur through over overexertion or laceration of the muscles or fibrous tissue that connects and supports the body’s infrastructure.

  • Tendinitis - Recurring actions can lead to inflammation of the tissues that bonds the muscle to the bones

How Our Chiropractor Can Alleviate and Prevent Shoulder Pain

Dr. Gailes will perform a thorough evaluation to observe your range of motion and your reflexes. He will discuss with you what to expect from the chiropractic treatment as well as your individual course of treatment. Your chiropractor will determine the method best for your specific case. These techniques could include manual manipulation for misalignment problems, massage therapy to decrease the pain, or heat and cold packs to bring blood flow to the affected area. She may also recommend laser therapy to speed up recovery, reduce pain, and decrease inflammation. Lifestyle suggestions and nutritional counseling are also available to enhance the healing process.

Visit Our Chiropractor in Greenwich

Shoulder pain can leave you on the sidelines of life, but it does not have to be that way with help from Dr. Diana Gailes. She and her team at Indian Harbor Chiropractic can get you on the road to recovery. Please do not hesitate to contact us today at 203-983-5426 for more information or to make an appointment at our Greenwich chiropractic clinic.