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Today’s office worker faces a myriad of challenges. Too much time spent sitting, working at a computer and not moving enough creates physical issues that can have long-term effects on health, productivity, and well-being if not managed properly. Research shows a working environment where employees are happier, healthier, and feel supported leads to decreased levels of stress and a more motivated, engaged workforce.

Training, coaching and motivation can inspire positive behavior change and modifications that improve employees’ health and well-being at work.

Sit2Stand Consulting Creates Ergonomics Programs to Fit Your Workplace

Sit2Stand provides comprehensive ergonomic advice and direction for creating healthier workspaces in office settings and home offices. Our programs are designed to reduce the risk factors associated with long-term sitting, or “sitting disease” and improperly configured workspaces. We provide training, coaching and motivation to inspire positive behavior change and modifications that improve employees’ health and well-being at work.

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Our Sit2Stand Consultants

Diana Gailes

Dr. Diana Gailes

Dr. Diana Gailes is passionate about providing patients with care and education to help them live healthier, pain-free lives. She began her chiropractic career in 2002, and currently practices at Indian Harbor Chiropractic in Greenwich, Connecticut. As a chiropractic doctor and certified ergonomist, Dr. Gailes has a unique ability to isolate behavioral and postural problems that contribute to health issues, and advise how to make simple changes that lead to long-lasting improvements.

Scott Diamond

Dr. Scott Diamond

Dr. Scott Diamond provides health and wellness services to the Greater Boston area, He began his career as a chiropractic doctor, establishing Diamond Chiropractic in 1996. His commitment to providing education and awareness to help people decrease pain, improve their physical health and performance led him to create Sit2Stand Consulting.

Our Services at Sit2Stand

Consulting and On-site Seminars

  • In-house ergonomics and wellness consulting for companies of all sizes
  • Customized recommendations for a proactive workplace ergonomics program
  • Practical recommendations and actionable tips for improving physical behavior during the workday
  • Outsourced consulting for national ergonomics organizations

In-person Assessments

  • Individual workspace assessment and design
  • Training and tools for improving awareness and modifying behavior
  • Modify workspaces for individual height, body type, comfort level and work style
  • Employee education on posture best practices and techniques that can impact them on a daily basis.

Ergonomics Improvements

Ergonomics improvements in the workplaces have shown:

  • 10-15% productivity increase
  • 60% reduction in workers’ compensation costs

Employees spend too much time sitting, and often experience symptoms without knowing there are long-term effects of:

  • Fatigue
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Physical discomfort/physical injury
  • Reduced productivity and performance
  • “Sitting Disease”

Improve Your Ergonomics By Learning More About Sit2Stand

Contact Sit2Stand for a complimentary consultation to learn more about how we can help your employees and business.



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